Here at Powertechnic we consider ourselves fortunate to have engendered a dedicated group of clients.


Vendors may make products but clients turn them into solutions!  This is very much the case with Interxion whose many ideas, suggestions and helpful insight over a long period of time has helped to transform Analyst into the globally unique solution that it is.  A special thanks and acknowledgement must go to Aad van Rooijen. 

Partial client list in alphabetical order:

AECOM (Aust)
Arup (Aust)
ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. (Pol)
Belgacom (Belg)
Critical Building (Fr)
Kocher Schirra Goharizi (US)
NTT Facilities (Jp)
Optus (Aust)
Opus (NZ)
Sitel S.p.a. (It)
Syska Hennessy Group (US)
Telikom (PNG)
Telus (Can)
Telstra (Aust)
Thycon (Aust)
Urbacon Power Management (Can)
Vincent Byrne Consulting (Ir)
Webb Australia Group (Aust)
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