In addition to providing leading-edge reliability software - we are experts in the field of mission-critical power systems.  Our principal, Frank Bodi is widely recognised within the industry and has published many technical papers related to telecommunications and data centre power systems. 

Powertechnic provides consultancy services in mission-critical data centers, telecommunications, building, computer, utility power systems and related fields:

  • general consultancy associated with mission-critical systems
  • reliability analysis and/or assistance with your projects & reliability reports
  • development of reliability & system performance standards

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New Product Release
Next generation Analyst Enterprise software - simple reliability analysis of complex electrical and HVAC systems in a single schematic. Up to 10 times faster, HVAC, thermal simulation, CMMS, AutoCad, Virtual Asset Management, carbon footprint...
We offer solutions and perspectives into your most difficult mission critical reliability concerns using our own Analyst Enterprise software.