Analyst Enterprise

Complex mechanical and electrical system reliability analysis in a simple visual environment from a one-line diagram Analyst Enterprise Brochure Download

Powertechnic’s new Analyst Enterprise is the next generation release of the unique Analyst simulation software. Analyst remains the only software capable of simulating complex electrical and mechanical systems without the inaccuracies and complexities of reliability block diagrams (RBDs).

Analyst Enterprise is - an Anlogue & Monte Carlo System Reliability Simulator.  It combines continuous and discrete-event simulation seamlessly.

New Features
  • Faster, improved simulation engine (analog simulation up to 10 times faster )
  • User customisable library for  components and systems
  • Now with built-in flywheel based components including DRUPS & DC Flywheel
  • New HVAC components: Chiller, Ahu, AirCon, Pump, Cooling Tower & Valve
  • New electrical components - static bypass switch and static transfer switch
  • New thermal simulation to model approximate equipment room temperature rise times
  • Database support – connectivity to computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).   Analyst Enterprise schematics can be  updated with latest site informationwhen real time monitoring exists
  • New Virtual Asset Management plus a new Facility Health Index for tracking operating site changes in complex facilities.
  • Model electrical and mechanical systems including their inter-dependence in a single schematic
  • New user interface with extensive customisation options
  • Model carbon footprint of components with new efficiency properties
  • Multi level undo/redo
  • Familiar MS Office ribbon toolbar
  • Auto-save and recovery in the event of Windows or application crash
  • analysis of ac and dc electrical systems, HVAC for data centres, telecommunications
  • link real time montoring to a working model of the facility
  • Virtual stress testing of critical facilities
  • turn costly static infrastructure audits into re-usable live models
  • HV power distribution & substations
  • systems with time elements eg batteries
  • systems with repair
  • systems with redundancy
  • single point of failure analysis (SPOF)
  • replacement for FMECA/Fault Tree
  • working simulation model of site audits – replaces static paper  reporting
  • highly visual  training aid
  • sizing of generators, batteries, rectifiers, cb's
  • simple ac, dc & thermal calculations
  • single and balanced 3-phase calculations
  • complex voltage and current, power factor, watts, VARS, kVA, kwatt-hrs, maximum load demand 
New Product Release
Next generation Analyst Enterprise software - simple reliability analysis of complex electrical and HVAC systems in a single schematic. Up to 10 times faster, HVAC, thermal simulation, CMMS, AutoCad, Virtual Asset Management, carbon footprint...
We offer solutions and perspectives into your most difficult mission critical reliability concerns using our own Analyst Enterprise software.