Our consultancy services are delivered by internationally recognised experts. We have extensive experience in reliability studies and development of mission-critical reliability standards. Our solutions have been tempered through extensive real-world exposure ensuring our simulation results can be relied upon. When it comes to power and cooling systems, the most important metric is MTBF – how frequently will the system fail? There is no need for complex reliability concepts – our software takes care of that for you.

In addition to providing leading-edge reliability software – we are experts in the field of mission-critical power systems. Our principal, Frank Bodi is widely recognised within the industry and has published many technical papers related to telecommunications and data centre power systems.

Powertechnic provides consultancy services in mission-critical data centers, telecommunications, building, computer, utility power
systems and related fields:

  • general consultancy associated with mission-critical systems
  • reliability analysis and/or assistance with your projects & reliability reports
  • development of reliability & system performance standards

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What we do

Analyst Enterprise software from Powertechnic

Analyst Enterprise

Next generation Analyst Enterprise software – simple reliability analysis of complex electrical and HVAC systems interacting seamlessly in a single schematic. Simultaneous treatment of critical room thermal reserve, battery reserves, complex logic switching, electrical and mechanical factors that impact reliability.


We offer solutions and perspectives into your most difficult mission critical reliability concerns using our own Analyst Enterprise software.

Consultancy service by Powertechnic