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10 September 2013
by Powertechnic

Telcos, Battery Budgets and Reducing Margins

Globally, Telco margins are being squeezed and everyone’s looking for cost savings.  For every $US30 billion of revenue, you are likely to need up to $US1 billion dollars of battery assets to support that network.  As most Telcos use valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, they will need to be completely replaced every 7-10 years.  In addition to cost, there is also the harmful effects of lead on the environment to consider.  Finally, telecommunications networks have evolved considerably.  The point to point physical switching circuits that demanded high reliability are rapidly being phased out.  These are three of many reasons why reducing the amount of batteries makes good sense.

The billion dollar question is: how to achieve that without unduly impacting the legendary reliability we have come to expect from Telco networks?

The answer lies in plausibly modeling the reliability of your existing battery system  with quality data that inspires confidence in all areas of the business. Until now, this has been a task not easily accomplished.

Unlike generic reliability software, Analyst Enterprise has a built-in battery model.  It looks, works and behaves exactly as a real lead-acid battery.  When you build a reliability model of a -48V dc system (using a single-line diagram), you get exactly what you have in your critical network – no simplifications or approximations that were needed by outdated RBDs (reliability block diagrams).

Analyst Enterprise software has assisted Telcos in substantially reducing their battery assets.  The fact that modeling a system In Analyst is done via a one-line diagram greatly increases the user’s confidence in the accuracy of the model and subsequently the results they produce.  This confidence in the results is easily conveyed to other stake-holders such as managers and executives.

The reliability results obtained from Analyst Enterprise simplifies the next step – right-sizing your telecommunications power system.  Any potential reduction in battery reserves requires a detailed understanding of the likely outcome.  The unique predictive technology within Analyst Enterprise is simply unequalled in this task.

Powertechnic understands the Telco mission critical power business and we have used Analyst Enterprise ourselves extensively to model mission critical facilities.  We can assist you to right-size battery reserves  and formulate a business case that will help you to divert hundreds of millions of dollars into increasing market share by right-sizing the reliability of your existing networks. Using Analyst Enterprise we are confident that we can reduce your battery budget without noticeable impact on your clients.

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